School Management Software Facilitates Data Management

School Management Software Facilitates Data Management and Transparent Communication

Managing school or any educational institutional activity is quite a tricky and tiresome task. Owing to the fact complexities involved and time consumed, more and more education institutions are moving towards automation and implementing school management software like SchoolEye.

What is school management software?

School management software or school ERP is an application used for managing day-to-day functions or activities of school. The ERP is quite helpful in keeping a record of each and every activity ranging from number of students taking admission in an academic year along with their educational records, inventory and transport management to payroll of teaching and non-teaching staff. Information pertaining to any department at any point of time can be obtained through the software within a few seconds.

Some other important features of the software are:

  • It maintains updated demographic profiles of students, teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Acts as online communication platform for teachers, students and parents for exchanging of information.
  • Provides updates to students as well as parents for planned activities or events of school.
  • Attendance, Grades and complete academic record of students are maintained year-on-year basis
  • Keeps record of administration expenses handy
  • Maintains record of files, reports, documents and statistical charts of school’s performances
  • Automates inventory, library, transport and examination management system

All these and many other features are performed with different modules, which are integrated in the software. Simple to use and user-friendly interface encourages students, teachers and parents to learn and use the software for transparent communication. Not to mention, implementing school management software is considered as a cost-effective option as its’ myriad benefits outshine one time investment cost. So, it is the high time to say good bye to paperwork and welcome to technology!

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